Thank you for Your Condolences

CandleJudy, Philip, Nicholas (Carolin) and Karen (Tim) would like to express our thanks for the tremendous support we received in our tragic loss.  Believe us when we say we now know what is meant by those who have suffered loss when they say that the caring and loving support of family and friends sustained them and how much it helped to ease their sadness. There were over 100 people at the church that day. We have received phone calls, cards, emails, been stopped on the streets and in malls, by people who have offered their condolences.  If we have omitted your name, we apologize and ask your forgiveness. Please do let us know. Again, thank you all.

For support above and beyond………………………….

To Paul Gilbert for his devoted friendship with Elizabeth

To Tony and Lia Bogod

To Keith Rohman

To the Finlason Family

To Hazel Meredith, Executive Director of British Columbia Schizophrenia Society (Victoria)

Alexander Chapman, Vancouver BPD Centre
Alistair and Lil Cohen
Anne and Michael Bogod
Ann, Brian, Dwight Stewart
Audrey McFarlane
Baylie McKnight
Brenda Godfrey
Burnside Gorge Community Seniors Lunch & Learn
Caroline and David Harris
Carolyn, Martyn, Johnathan and Robbie Parkes
Chris Jacot
Chrissie and Brian Howlett
Danielle Rousseau
David and Natalie Bogod
Debbra Greig
Deborah McKnight
Devorah Stone
Diane Erikson
Gilda Bogod
Gillian and Brian Barnwell
Gwennie Hooper (Goward House Choir)
Howard and Jennifer Finlason
Jack Lynes
Jane Krieger
Jane Millikan
Jean Oliver
Jewish Community Centre
Joy Pressman
Judy Moscovitz
Kathryn McCannell
Linda Cooney
Lunch Bunch, JCCVictoria
Marcia Williams
Margaret Minski
Marianne and Russell Whitlock
Marilyn Fisher
Matthew Finlason
Mavis Goodman, Target Theatre
Mick, Yvonne, Lisa and Laura Bogod
Noel and Tanya March and family
Pam Edwards (Executive Director, Capital Mental Health Assoc)
Pamela Birley
Pat and John Jenkins
Patricia Shreenan (Sisters of St. Ann)
Peoples Drug Mart, Quadra Street
Peter Cunnington
Peter and Maureen Ellis
Peter Klein, Miriam and Angelica
Rebecca Phillips
Rheva and George Frank
Sabine (Capital Mental Health Association)
Sandy and Joel Fagan
Sara Chu
Sharon and Vernon Kobrinsky
Sean Finlason
Sheila Baxter, Shanyn Hughes, Chelsea Hildebrandt and Crystal Sawyer (Laser Centres for Health)
Shoshana and Todd Litman
Sharon Fitch
Simone Rohman
Susan and Alan Kendal
Susan and Larry Scyner
Susan Cornman
Susan Helstrom
Sylvia and Bob O’Shaughnessy
Ted and Vorna Butler
Terry Moore
The Peer Support Workers and all at BC Schizophrenia Society
Tim and Barbara Humphreys
Tim Davis
Victoria Society for Humanistic Judaism

The following expressions of sympathy were copied from the Times Colonist Obituary Web Site:

David and I were so saddened to hear this news. Elizabeth often brought a common sense attitude to not so logical situations! She was a breath of fresh air. Our path crossed on numerous occasions. I know many will miss her for her peer support work and team approach. I will miss her for her advocacy attitude. My heart goes out to her loving family.
Josie Jones (past president BCSS, Victoria)

What a blessing to know this beautiful, caring, dedicated woman. If only all of us could leave behind such a legacy of love and healing – what a wonderful world this would be. 
Don Palmer.

My deepest sympathy for everyone who loved Elizabeth, for everyone she touched. She will be dearly missed. 
Junie Swadron, Peer Support Worker at BCSS 

My sympathy to the family. We’ll miss you, Elizabeth. 
Joanne F. Hamilton

You were a great person, and I am sad to not have had the chance to know you and work with you longer. You will be missed by all who knew you. My heart goes out to Elizabeth’s family. 
Sarah Murphy

I will miss dearly my co-worker and friend. You have taught me so much and I hope to keep that knowledge alive. 
Kimberly Ferko

Dear Elizabeth, the time that you were here in Earth form was an entire lifetime for a regular human being. Of course, you were not that average human being, and God gave you some great Challenges to face, but he also gave you the Gifts to meet them. You did this in such an admirable and incredible manner that you surpassed your challenges to the point that you raised yourself above them. And then you put yourself to the task of helping other people with less gifts but perhaps similar challenges as yours and you shared with them much including the Dialectical Behaviour Techniquesand like this,you did so many more things of equal merit, yet only the domain of few people on this Planet Earth. Also, perhaps God needed you elsewhere, as He normally assigns/appoints his best Angels to different duties and he called you back into his Light. What follows next is beyond my human realm but I feel that you are shining with the Light of Humanity at its best. You have left a great Legacy and example, dear Elizabeth and you now live in the hearts of all those who had the fortunes of crossing their Life paths with yours. May you find yourself today and always in God’s Heaven. 
A Student of Yours

May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived. 
Sharon and Jack Shalinsky

So encouraging & so caring – is Elizabeth. You will be missed. With heartfelt sympathy for her family, 
Penny McCulloch-Barratt

Thank you Liz for all of the help you gave to my family. Belonging to the YAC group gave my family member access to new friends, new experiences and happy memories. You were very kind and caring and I felt that we had found the right place in your group. Deep, heartfelt condolences to your family. We are very sad 
Carol and Family

Elizabeth, you’ll be missed in the helping community. You’ve definitely left a hole that will be difficult to fill. And – we’ll miss your giggle! Rest in peace in the knowledge that we’ll carry on your good work. 
Deb McKnight

I knew Liz from my college years. It was a very brief encounter, and she always seemed to have a positive demeanor about her. She aspired at everything she did, including embracing her disability. She will be missed by all who knew her. 
Nicole B

My deepest sympathy to the whole family for the loss of your loved one. 
Garry Brooks

She was a very kind person, someone who cared for everyone. She valiantly battled with her health and for those with similar afflictions. She was inspiration to all and she should be remembered for her love of life. She loved ABBA, she loved good books and music, very cultured and a true intellectual. We shall never forget you. Rest in Peace Elizabeth. 
Gino S,


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