Tree digging

Elizabeth was never happier than among horses. It was intended to honor her memory with the planting of a tree at the horseback riding stables where she rode. Here you see the initial stages of the digging of the hole to plant the tree. This is a Canadian Flaming Autumn Red Maple.  Rebecca, the owner of Forward Equestrian Horseback Riding Stables on Wilkinson Road, Victoria, has kindly allowed this Memorial Tree to be raised on her property. Hopefully, in September 2013, when it is flaming” in all its glory, it is planned to scatter Elizabeth’s ashes at the base of this tree. While transporting the tree from the nursery to the stables, a red flag was tied to it to warn motorists we were carrying a long load. In hoisting the tree into place, it was forgotten to take off the flag which will likely remain at the top of the tree for who knows how long?!!

UPDATE:  On September 29th, 2013, family and friends gathered together to scatter Elizabeth’s ashes and to dedicate the tree with a Memorial Plaque at its base.  A five minute extract of a video of the ceremony can be viewed here.  Seen in the video are her parents, Judy and Philip, her brother, Nicholas and his partner, Carolin, Marcia, Rebecca and Lee (plus their devoted and highly interested ginger cat). The family wishes to express our  grateful appreciation to Rebecca and Lee for their help and caring.

To see the video, click on the link below:

Red Maple 2

As an adult, the Flaming Red Maple tree, may look something like this.

MochaMocha – Elizabeth’s Favorite Horse at Forward Equestrian

When the ripe fruit falls
its sweetness distills and trickles away
into the veins of the earth.
When fulfilled people die
the essential oil of their experience enters
the veins of living space, and adds a glisten
to the atom, to the body of immortal chaos.
For space is alive
and it stirs like a swan
whose feathers glisten
silky with the oil of distilled experience.



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