Elizabeth’s Poetry – to make one think

The Anxiety Mouse
(Written at the age of 13)

Oh, I am the Anxiety Mouse.
I live in Elizabeth’s house.
I follow her to school,
Oh gosh, I am so cool.
“Re-frame your thoughts”, the social workers say,
While Liz tries vainly to keep me at bay.
I bite and gnaw at her brain
Until she’s sure she’s insane.
Into her mind, here I sneak,
Making her future ever so bleak.
And then one horrible day
She banished me away.
She trapped me in a cage
Which made my anger rage.
To the Sahara Desert, I was sent.
She would not let me repent.
So now I search for my next victim to invade,
For this is why I was made.


Under your Belt

Oh, you’ve got wisdom under your belt
You’ve got courage from things that you’ve dealt.
You’ve got everything you need
In order to succeed
In this life that you live
You’ve got plenty to give
So be happy with what you’ve got
‘cause you’ve really got a lot.
Tap into your inner resources
to find all sorts of recourses.
When problems come your way
And threaten to ruin your day
Find your strength inside
And let it be your guide
Don’t let it try to hide
But if it does, by chance, refuse to abide
Find a person in whom you can confide.
Share your sadness and your woe
This will help it to go.
Once you’ve felt what you need
Use your belt to be freed
From the hurt that you feel
So you might begin to heal.

The Grinding Stone

Heavy stone
Pushing down
Grinding against
All logic,
All meaningfulness
All blissful tranquility.
Gone is meaning
Gone is bliss.
Left with only a stone
To grind and grind
Against all will
To know thy destiny.

Heavy stone
Pushing down
Ceases motion.
All blissful tranquility
Shall come
Lessened but stronger
Is will to know thy destiny.

Heavy stone
Pushing down
Lifted high
To reveal
All logic,
All meaning
And will to know thy destiny!

The Stalker

Oh, you stalk me in my hours waking
Like a hawk until I feel I’m breaking.
There is no sleeping you out
And no weeping away the doubt
That you are the hawk awaiting
To stalk me, never abating
Until at last you have me
Past the point of prayer or plea
Worn by time and the arduous race
To rhyme the hours to your pace
In the hope of piercing a wing
To cope with the awful mental sting
When you do track me down
Then attack, choke me and attempt to drown
This is your hour of stalking
that devours my ability of talking
Like a hawk in subconscious waking
Without walking, neither faking.
Oh, you stalk me in my hours
Like a hawk with vile powers

The Heart Quake

In the days of the nineties (soon to be the millennium)

Violence wakes in our schools, like that of an earthquake,
The fault line can no longer handle the heart (…lessness)
Of the earth. Its cracked crust: the division of a group into opposing factions
Breaking the fault line open, leaving a boy’s heart divided.
The splitting pain of his br/o\ken  Sp_rit
Serves as a warning of the heartquake to come.

Scientists cannot measure the danger for they cannot calculate
The distance or depth of the fracture in his heart.
And he knows not how to show the bre/ak so it might be helped.
Instead, his heart sends small scale tremors to the earth’s surface.
The seismograph (had one been set in place) might
Judge such tremors as a sign of danger,
But untrained eyes would see nothing but disobedience

And now the question of the heart the boy asks:

Must you see the measurement,
The evidence of the quake: my violence,
The death I cause
To know the quake in my heart?

And the question society must ask:

Must we behold the heart q u a k e?


‘Tis in ALL your Command

As it is in all your command….

God in all your glory I acknowledge your creation
as bond together, the whole of your foundation
with every part working as one
this be how your work be done
Oh, darkness never devoid of your light
and the moon not only present at night
for when you reveal your love
all is revealed here and above

Light and darkness are one in your creation
There is no absolute or definite delineation
Water can shape heavy mountains by your artistic hand
or harden its surface or crystallize it at your command
Wind can blow softly over earth and water
with your spirit on its wing or cause flood and slaughter

And so you ask us to call not opposites opposing
or see your work as opening or closing
good or evil, just or unjust, right or wrong,
this “or” that “or”, weak or strong
Dark in light, light in dark, soft in hard, hard in soft,
wrong in right, right in wrong, all together these belong

Jesus wants us to see duality
as truly being our reality
In the name of the Lord,
let us go on toward
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Triality without confine or limit.

Let our hearts, oh Lord, not be sucked away
by the tendency to miss the grey
Lead us Jesus to the middle path
Where your love is neither coloured by harsh judgement, nor wrath


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