Elizabeth received her Certificate in Mental Health from Camosun College in May 2008. Elizabeth -CMH Certificate

Mental Health Certificate

A course for those with a passion for caring for others and interested in a career helping those in the community who need assistance in their day-to-day lives.  Includes practical training to make a positive impact on the lives of those with mental health challenges.

This ten-month equivalent program provides the competencies required for entry-level employment in community mental health.  Studies combine class, lab, and practicum experiences  together with the principles of psycho-social rehabilitation to prepare for subsequent work assisting those who face various mental health challenges.

DEAN’S HONOR ROLL  –  Click on the image below to enlarge:-

Dean's Honor Roll, 2007

Elizabeth worked as a Peer Support Worker and a Workshop Facilitator with the British Columbia Schizophrenia Society (Victoria Chapter) from 2010 to 2013.

Certificate - Mental Health  Recovery & WRAP

Elizabeth achieved the above certificate for participation in the instructional course, the Wellness Recovery Action Plan® or WRAP® .  WRAP  is an evidence-based program that is used world-wide by people who are dealing with mental health and other kinds of health challenges, and by people who want to attain the highest possible level of wellness.  It was developed by a group of people who have a lived experience of mental health difficulties; people who were searching for ways to resolve issues that had been troubling them for a long time.

WRAP® involves listing your personal resources, your Wellness Tools, and then using those resources to develop Action Plans to use in specific situations which are determined by you. WRAP is adaptable to any situation. WRAP also includes a Crisis Plan or Advance Directive.

MHC Certificate



To the Victoria Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Committee from Hazel Meredith, Executive Director of British Columbia Schizophrenia Society.

Hi Drew and the entire Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Committee, I wanted to let you know that the team at British Columbia Schizophrenia Society (Victoria) really appreciated the flowers you sent on the loss of peer advocate Elizabeth Bogod.  Her loss impacted all of our staff and volunteers, and of course the wider community.  Elizabeth had many achievements about which you may or may not be aware.

Elizabeth was an inspiration and very courageous. Sadly, she has been lost to us. Her message of recovery is not to be lost with her passing.   I do hope you will find inspiration in all she accomplished and take comfort in knowing that, together, we continue to work towards making lives easier through help, hope and support…and of course, hard work.

Thank you again for all you do in your role on this important committee.


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