ChangeElizabeth passed away on February 1st 2013 after a long battle with the poor spoon she was handed at birth and living in a society that had little or no idea of how to help, cope or give support.

It is five years later, 2018. There have been some changes not sufficient, but change is change and we must be thankful that the political will and the public attitude towards mental health is beginning to evolve. Justin Trudeau, our current Prime Minister has personal experience of mental illness within his family. His mother, Margaret, suffered depression. Since being in office, both Justin and Margaret Trudeau have made it their mission to change the face of mental illness, putting focus on the way government and society responds to mental illness, bringing mental illness to the public arena so as to understand that mental health is an illness an illness as much crippling as Cancer or Diabetes.

There is still a long way to go but while the end of the road is not in sight, it is at least a road being traveled. These are initiatives that have been established in the five years since Elizabeth’s death.  If only she could have waited!



THE JACK ORGANIZATION. is a Canadian national network of young leaders transforming the way youth think about mental health. With initiatives and programs designed with the input of young people at every step, it seeks to end stigma in schools, colleges and universities.  In every province cross Canada there are currently 152 Jack Chapters with trained youth speakers and 18 youth led Jack Regional Summits all across the country.