“I Stand Tempted by the Devil”

Faced with the gates of hell
I did decide to sell
My soul to the Devil
In which he could revel
In my mind and all its wit
That he could change and make me submit
To his order and demand
That I might do the things he had planned.
From the grave I sold my heart
There he tore me and it apart.

I made a deal with the Devil
That my soul he could dishevel
If he paid me very well
So without a soul I could stand to dwell.
In this wicked land known as hell.
I asked for coin, gold,
And artifacts of old.
I hoped with these I would fare
Decently without too much despair.
But when my soul was taken
I was pitifully forsaken
For he ripped me head to toe
Without remorse or woe.
Severing my head
And making me the undead.
He removed my heart
Like a spare part
And through all this trauma
Kept me alive throughout the drama.
He placed my head
Among the living dead
Nestled in an unending seabed
Of many a forsaken head.
Here I was forced to live
And somehow survive
With other types of the living dead
Trampling on my head.
Not minding where they tread
Or even how much I bled.
And what is to be said
Of the riches for which I pled?
I never knew them
‘Cause my soul, the Devil did condemn.
And now my poor fractured head
Thinks thoughts that are filled with dread
Knowing I was played a fool
For trying to cheat the Devil out of coin and jewel.

But then, one day
Three men did lay
Their boats upon my head
Accidentally, they did tread.
Hearing my yelp
And wanting to help
They quickly removed their heel
Now understanding my ordeal.
I promptly asked them why
They did not enjoy my cry.
They told me, “We are from the other side
That reigns high and wide”.
I had heard of the other side
And the happiness it could provide,
But why were these three greeting me?
Not another in this vast head sea?
And who were these three
that came to see me?
And so they told me
Who and why they be
Coming to greet me
“We are here, you see,
To help you flee
Hell itself with all your wealth
And, especially your health”.
“But I don’t understand”, I replied
“Isn’t here where I’ll always abide?”
“No”, they replied,
“About this the Devil lied!”
And now they did tell
What transpired before my going to hell.
“Heavens gates were at your feet
But you so afraid of the fate you might meet
Sold your soul before the entry papers were complete.”
But of their identities they could not tell
Claiming it would hurt my efforts to get out of hell.
But, until such time that they could say
Exactly to whom my respects I could pay
I was to refer to them all the same
As “I AM”, their humble name.
And so I asked, “How is I AM
Going to get me out of this jam?”
“First things first!”, they did exclaim,
“All your body we must reclaim.”
So the I AMS snuck by
The Devil’s lair nigh
And entered the separated body room
Where many souls had met their doom.
They matched the number on my forehead
To my body that seemed lifeless and dead.
And then they did tread
Over the other undead
To again meet my head.

Uniting my head and body was a painful affair
But did succeed in making them again a pair.
And of the head fracture I endured
One of the I AMS promptly cured.
How refreshing
And what a blessing
It was to be whole again
And out of so much pain.
My gratefulness exuded from my core
And made me thankful ever more.
“So now” they said
“Let’s away from this heady bed”.
The I AMS took me
To let me see
What lay ahead
Beyond my bed.
“Look up”, they instructed
My view unobstructed
I saw heavenly clouds
Through fiery shrouds.
Now made real the task at hand
I did fully understand
That our task would not be easy
Or pleasant and breezy.
It would be hard
To overcome the Devil’s guard.
But the I AMS would aid
Me in my crusade
To free myself
And all my wealth
The Devil supplied in return for my health.
Now to do just so
I would have to become a pro
At deceiving the Devil
By coming down to his level.
So to help me through
What I had to do
The I AMS told me shrewd
Ways they could use their aptitude.
I AM Number One had the healing touch
That could cure the need for gauze or crutch
I AM Number Two could speak in tongues
To change the language breathed through lungs.
And I AM number three could instill the fear of God
Into any creature no matter how strange or odd.
Equipped, now as well as we were
Surely the Devil’s army we could deter.
But when I inquired about the plan it was not much good
So complex it could easily be misunderstood.
So we all sat awhile-racking our brains
With ideas a racing and connecting like trains.
In the end, it was I who planned out the seize
A plan that would bring the Devil down to his knees.
But first we needed to find the Devil’s treasure
That he enjoyed during times of  leisure.
I instructed I AM Number Two to infiltrate
The Devil’s lair where his guards await.
There he was to create confusion
With his intrusion
By making them speak in tongues
With the help of their strong lungs.
At this point the coast was clear
For I AM and I to go in full gear.
Past the Devil’s guards we went
And made our long descent
Through the halls leading to a bank
Where we did turn the crank
To a vault of the Devil’s treasures
And his daily pleasures.
Once inside we did decide
On a few riches to hide.
Now, we did not take the earth
Only the riches that I was worth.
We took them with us
Without any fuss
We got them out
And laid them about
In a safe place
That no one could trace.
Now at the last stage of our plan
Our plot to overthrow the Devil began.
We rallied others from the undead
Unjustly condemned to their head bed.
Armed with forever lasting life
We could not die no matter what our strife.
Our aim was to teach the Devil
To leave our heads and never dishevel
An innocent soul again
Throughout the Devil’s reign.
It should be known
That hell is generally a zone
Where people are prone
To remain forever alone.
But now we had turned the tide
To include others who had died
In a cooperative advance
To take a military stance.
Against the Devil’s evil glance.
The element of surprise
Was part of our plan we did devise.
Rumor had always had it
That the Devil’s horses heaven did permit.
But before we did leave
I gathered my riches up my sleeve.
Now, our company was able
To head to the stable
That housed the horses
That would transport our forces.
Near the entrance we hid
Which the Devil did forbid.
Here we stayed until the I AMS and I strode
Towards the guards abode.
Where they stood their ground
Around the building compound
Ugly ogres with metal spears
That with one stab could cause blood and tears.
They crossed their spears
To increase our fears
That only through a fight
Would we gain entry tonight.
Mustering courage I did speak
Loud and clear so I wouldn’t seem weak.
“We demand entry to your stable”
At once our company appeared strong and able
Out of hiding they came
To fulfill their long, awaited aim.
They clashed with each and every guard
Some stayed standing and others fell hard.
This a temporary “death” of course.
Soon revived by their eternal life force.
Now the Devil receiving word
Of the riot that had occurred
Sent enforcements to the fray
To quell the uprising without delay.
Sadly, the ranks we mustered
Were getting more and more flustered
As the numbers of deceased
Steadily increased.
Their reviving life force
Took such a slow course
That the ranks could not revive
As fast as the Devil’s army did arrive.
Now, I AM Number One did not like the Devil’s force
Because they lacked any compassion or remorse
So he raised his hand to provide a cure
To make their spirits good and pure.
The effect, of course, rendered them very demure
And of themselves rather unsure.
The cure was grand
‘Cause it gave us the upper hand
Until his army, unfortunately, did expand.
Without a moment to spare
I AM Number Three used his stare
To put the fear of God inside them there.
All the Devil’s army froze on the spot
Deathly afraid of the stare they got.
I AM Number Three took up guard
While we entered the stable yard.
With our way clear
We let out a cheer
And opened the barn door
To enter and explore.
Once we were all inside,
We could see the horses plentifully supplied.
Now, these where no ordinary mares and stallions,
They were the Devil’s mounted battalions.
We mounted each horse
To ride a heavenly course.
With wide wing expanses
We did do dances
Around the Devil’s troops
And around the Devil we would soon fly loops.
Now on our way
We had one last visit to pay
To the Devil himself
To whom I showed off my wealth
And, I must add, my most excellent health!
I cannot tell you how relieved I felt
To be free of the horrific life I’d been dealt.
But the devil, I must say
Was furious that day.

Once safe in heaven
Filled with bread unleaven
The I AMs revealed who be the three
That I may know their love for me.


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